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Gyms are places with a high bacterial load

Professional cleaning of gyms is the only guarantee of hygiene that makes the environment clean and above all healthy.

The high frequency of people who share common weights, environments and tools requires thorough and total sanitation. In fact the sweat and the little attention paid to personal hygiene involves a continuous exchange of germs that in any other place would be considered unacceptable.

Sanitation of gyms and sports centers

Frequent sanitation of gyms and sports centers, with suitable products, guarantee athletes’ well-being and maximum performance in healthy environments, also made pleasant as meeting places.

Vimercate Cleaning Company
… the best performance.

We guarantee services for sanitizing gyms and sports centers, with rapid interventions and qualified personnel. Our commitment is constant to meet your needs with availability and flexibility.

The efficiency and consistency of our work allows you to reach the maximum performance of the sports environment day by day.

The environments and the tools will be professionally sanitized with the most suitable and safe products to protect the health of all attendees.

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