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IPV is able to offer dripping services, both in public and private, employing a wide range of rodenticide products, traps and automatic livers booster distributors.

Great experience in the field of professional cleaning. we solve problems related to deratization.

IPV, thanks to its expertise in the field of professional cleaning, today allows it to solve all kinds of issues related to deratization. Specific interventions to prevent the infestation of rodents in any human habitat, but also to eliminate it if it has already been manifested.

The dredging solutions we adopt include, according to the safety regulations, the installation of rodenticide dispensers and baits for both indoor and outdoor use, sufficient to cover the affected area.

Rodent bait dispensers are made of plastic material and are equipped with safety closures and are monitored at near-time intervals for replacement of damaged blades with new attractive bait.


We often hear about derating, but who really knows the right techniques for the eradication of rodents?
It is not so difficult to find in your home or in companies, rats and mice.

IPV is able to prevent through various techniques the arrival of these animals and to eliminate them if they are already present.
It is important that this practice is handled by experienced people. The products that we use could harm the health of humans, if inhaled. So “do it yourself” is not recommended.

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