Our qualities

First of all, consistency in results, as well as the commitment to keep them day by day, to enable our customers to operate in the best conditions. This is the meaning of IPV. In fact, this is the task they have entrusted to us and who fortunately recognize us. So thanks for your confidence, we will do our best to not disappoint you.

Cleaning & Services

a history that begins in the past

We guarantee customized treatment for any environment.

IPV – Vimercate cleaning company

Is a modern cleaning and service company founded in 1979, thanks to the vast experience gained over the years and nevertheless to continuous technological upgrading, is at the forefront of the industry.
In addition, reliability, efficiency and professionalism are the qualities that have always enjoyed our customers most. After all, they are the same qualities that over time have given greater care and attention to ever-increasing needs.

Satisfied Customers

First of all, the aspiration of our daily work.